A Summary of Parvana’s Journey

Parvana’s father had died. How will Parvana survive alone?                                 9 1/2+



Parvana’s father had died and another family took her in. The eldest child said that she had to leave or the Taliban will get her, so she left.

Parvana met a crying woman and had to make a hard choice to leave her, and got on with her journey. Parvana remembered that her dad said that being around hopeless people would drain her hope as well.



Later on Parvana’s journey, she finds a village and in one of the homes she finds a baby. She decides to take care of him, then she sees some Taliban, and runs out of the village.

Parvana soon knows she cannot go on carrying all the wight, so she buried the 3 biggest books her dad saved. She finds a cave boy.



The cave boy’s name is Asif. Parvana and Asif dig for treasure, they found a box but inside was only bullets.  Asif only has one leg. He doesn’t tell Parvana anything about his life before he got to the cave. Asif and Parvana both think they’re smarter than each other. Asif cares for Hassan (the baby). Parvana now left with Hassan and Asif.



Later Asif and Parvana have a rock throwing contest, but are led into a land mine!

A crazed girl of about 7-9 brings them to her house.



Hassan is growing up, and they realize how much Leila (the little girl) needs care, she has a bad wound with white worms in it! They stay for a while to care for her and rest.



Leila’s sore is better now, and Parvana is teaching her and gave Leila’s grandmother her 2nd last book.

One day a land mine blew up and they found a dead goat and had a feast, but a bomb blew up… The house was gone, Grandmother was gone!



Parvana left with Hassan, Asif, and Leila. They walked a long way then found a refugee camp. A nurse helped Hassan and gave them some food and a blanket. Parvana used up most DAYS waiting in lines for food.



“War planes! take cover!” Leila screamed.”Those don’t sound like war planes” said Asif, “lets see.” Outside they saw yellow things, they were bags of food! Leila went into the mine field trying to get one and died, but found her family, but found out Allie (her little brother) died.

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