A summary of The Breadwinner

When Parvana’s dad goes to jail,  Parvana has to go to work and buy food for the family. In Afghanistan, she can’t do that, she is a girl!                         9+


CH. 13

Parvana is an 11 year-old girl, who lives in Afghanistan. She lives with her dad, mom, 2 sisters, and baby brother.
The Taliban have taken over the part of Afghanistan Parvana lives in. Parvana can only leave the one room she lives in to help her dad walk to and from work because he lost his leg when the school he taught at was bombed!
Parvana’s dad’s job now is to read and write letters for people. Both of Parvana’s parents got a good education, her father in England. Parvana normally has to get water, but their is only 1 tap in the village.
One day Parvana’s dad is arrested for having an english education. Parvana and her mom demand him back, but he is not released.
CH. 4-8

After father was in jail the family had run out of food. Parvana has to to go buy it but is caught by a Taliban and has to run home. On the way, she bumps into Mrs.Weera her physical education teacher and an old friend of her mom. She and mother decide to make Parvana look like a boy and be the breadwinner. She and mother also start a magazine. One day Parvana realizes one of the tea boys is a girl she knows from school descised as a boy!
CH. 9-15

Parvana and Shauzia (the girl from her class) try to find a way to make more money. Shauzia heard you can make a lot of money digging up bones! They made a lot of money but it was disgusting!
Mrs. Weera and Parvana’s family decide to start a secret girl’s private school.
They used the money from the bones for trays and things to sell on them.During a selling day Parvana saw a crowd at the soccer field then found out people were being forced in to see prisners hands cut off!
One day after work Parvana found out Nooria (her big sister) was getting married and would move to Mazar. Everyone except Parvana and Mrs. Weera leaves for Mazar.
One day she rescues a girl, she says their is a lot of shooting in Mazar!
On her way home from work one day she found two men helping her dad up the stairs to her house.
A few days later the magazine her mom made was ready for selling. Parvana and her father are going to try and find their family together.



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